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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Christopher Booker's brain is more jelly than a Jelly Fish.

The day after I make a post about The Daily Mangles Schizophrenic nature on science reporting another even better example appears.

This story - "Attack of the jellyfish: Sea creatures shut down ANOTHER power station amid claims population surge is due to climate change" -  by the infamous 'Daily Mail Reporter' comes to light and it gets the general idea that an increase in ocean CO2, causing Ocean Acidification, has changed the oceans climate to favour jelly fish which are now reproducing in great numbers and causing the problems reported.

In a total flip flop we have a column by the loon Christopher "substantially misleading" Booker ranting - Global warming? A new ice age? The only certainty is that YOU'RE paying for the hysteria of our politicians - where he sets up a fantasy straw world which  he then attacks with a pitch fork.

In his column he claims that the world is to be threatened by a sharp drop in temperatures, possibly so severe that it could herald a new mini ice age - it isn't as the video in my last post shows. Only this time it isn't low solar activity that is going to induce this mini ice age but sulphur emissions due to Chinese economic expansion - it wont.

But trying to convince us that scientists now say there is going to be a mini ice age is just a straw man to knock aside as he tells us that "only a few years back were telling us that the planet was in danger of being fried to a crisp by runaway global warming?" - I'm doubtful that 'fried to a crisp' is a scientific term but they still basically are. He also claims that 40 years ago U.S. scientists began to warn us the world was heading for a cooling so severe it might even herald a new ice age - they didn't.

From then on in his piece he constructs a fantasy world where scientists flip from cooling to warming and back again so that their stories match and the can get "billions in funding". No doubt this money comes useful for thousands of climatologists around the world to travel to conferences in exotic locations in their private gold plated Lear Jets.

I'm sure that the owners of The Daily Maul thought a columnist with controversial and contrary opinion would add to the publication when they agreed to take on Mr Booker but I bet they didn't realise at the time what a fabricator he was when it comes to inventing a make believe world that can be bent to fit his delusions. Time to get rid - there are plenty of real journalists out there professional enough not to make things up to suit their personal Disney world.

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